Who is Net Solutions

The scope:

The fundamental belief of NS liaise on a different approach for small and medium businesses: helping towards moving into a digital era, using the Internet and modern development tools

The mission:

A transparent business relationship

Advocacy through proven & reliable digital development tools, both licensed and GNU- open-source

All the suite of packages delivered to clients are tailored to their business needs

Commitment toward securing the business environment against cyber fraud, money laundering, and scam techniques

Admin of Net Solutions is:

A middle-age professional, oriented throughout solving- problems and thriving our lifestyle and wellbeing.

Still studying a Masters course at Northumbria University, oriented toward research a deception techniques applied in cybersecurity of informational systems. This comes as an asset following a BSc dissertation into social engineering thematics.

An alumnus of the University of Roehampton, graduated with a 1st class (Honours) BSc in computer science.